A downloadable game for Windows

Help the happy-go-lucky Diana escape the Laboratory! 

A simple, yet challenging, no-tutorial puzzle game. 

TagsCasual, Sci-fi, Short


MB Demon's Will.exe 203 MB


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I really loved this! The puzzles were really a challenge.. at first I was soooo lost on those to move the blocks with the right numbers.. I spent like 10 minutes stuck while running around trying to figure out how to do those puzzles! XD But when I did figured it out! Damn! That was really clever! ^^
I thought the maps with the moving ball were a bit too big, I had to keep moving my character across the screen so I could see where the ball stopped and if it stopped right where I wanted it before I got it moving again. That got annoying surprisingly fast. >_<
I did love the map style you used and the Diana was really cute! ^^ The end surprised me a lot too.. it was a bit bittersweet because I had a feeling I knew where those notes were going but I still wanted to be certain.. and the last note.. just wow.. I wanna know what happened to her after she went through the exist so bad! T_T
I hope you'll do more games about Diana and the other subject..? Maybe they were/will be saved before they are executed?? 
I didn't get to play this game for the contest unfortunately. I would have definitely voted for your game too. Oh well. I hope you had fun making this and that you'll continue making awesome games like this one!