A downloadable MaB: Shadow World for Windows

MaB: Shadow World is a short Tactical 2D RPG inspired by classic JRPG and TBS games such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, and the Tales Series for the IGMC 2018. 

⏱ Estimated Gameplay Time ⏱

  • 1 Hour (Varies depending on skill level)


  • Join Aloia and Mai, an unlikely duo, as they work together to battle heroes from other worlds to save their own world. 
  • This game has two endings split by a simple question.

🔧 Features🔧

  • 2D Turn-Based Tactical Battle System (LeCode's TBS)
  • Action Point System (Multiple actions per turn)
  • No level system or grinding (Progression is horizontal)
  • A Compelling Short Story
  • Original Art Work
  • Fantastic Battle Music


Keyboard Controls:

GamePad Controls:

Currently unsupported, however, can be used because mouse scroll and battle sprite hover effects are not required to play the game.

  • Direction Pad to Move
  • A to Select
  • B to Cancel/Menu
  • Left Bumper to Page Left
  • Right Bumper to Page Right


Preview of the first three battles:

📖 Useful Story Terms 📖

  • Seer: A mysterious person who has sent our heroes on their journey.
  • Seed: A mysterious object foretold by the Seer to have the ability to save a dying world.
  • Order: A powerful church organization who's purpose is to maintain peace among many factions. 
  • Aloia the Reaper: A title given to an assassin who had been linked to many cause of deaths.
  • Mai the Fortress: A title given to a mage who had stood their ground against an army of thousands


  • Although the story is skippable, the story and combat are meant to compliment each other to fully flush out the game. To maximize experience,  I recommend consuming them together.

🐛 Known Bugs  🐛

  • Small Help and Status Text. (Complete oversight on my part)
  • Icons running into the next line. (Due to small text)
  • AI Movement: AI "teleport" to a location. (Rarely happens)



Comments and Bug Reporting

  • Please report all bugs in the comment below. Critiques and comments are also welcome.

Install instructions

  1. Click on the download button and download MaBShadowWorld.zip
  2. Extract all of the files into a folder
  3. Run MaBShadowWorld.exe


MaBShadowWorld.zip 246 MB

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